• Stay away from loud noise. Limit volume on headphones and in the earbuds
  • Exercise daily to improve your circulation improve blood pressure.
  • Get adequate rest and avoid fatigue.
  • Mask the tinnitus with music reduces the tinnitus.
  • Reduce caffeine in diet

Wax blockage is one of the most common causes of hearing loss.

This is often caused by cotton swabs. These cotton swabs push the wax deeper into the ear canal leading to a blockage of the ear canal.

Pain can come from the swab hitting the eardrum causing trauma if the swab is pushed too deep. Sometimes a perforation in the eardrum can occur .

Don’t use cotton swabs in the ear canals. Dr. Goldfarb may recommend eardrops to soften wax which may allow you to wash the wax out or make it easier to vacuum the wax  out.

Treatment Options For Hearing Loss

See Dr. Goldfarb for your hearing loss so he can make the correct diagnosis. This is important because the treatment for hearing loss depends on the cause.  A hearing test (audiogram) will be performed to determine the severity of your hearing loss, as well as whether it is conductive, sensorineural, or a combination of both.

Dr. Goldfarb may recommend other tests such as a CT or MRI  scan. Treatment options can include:

  • Continuing observation with repeated hearing tests
  • Medical therapy—corticosteroids (oral or injection through the eardrum) for sudden hearing loss to reduce cochlear hair cell swelling and inflammation after exposure to loud noises; diuretics and low salt diet may be used for Ménière’s disease. Antibiotics may be used for infection.
  • Evaluation for hearing aid(s) or other assistive listening devices may be recommended
  • Preferential seating in class for school children
  • Surgery to correct the cause of conductive hearing loss may be recommended.

Dr. Goldfarb and the audiologist can help you decide which device may work best for you depending on your hearing test results and your lifestyle.

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